Description for Galilel cryptocurrency:

Galilel is a general purpose cryptocurrency. The coins blockchain is running on Proof of Stake and Masternodes. So this one is not mine-able. The project is official incorporated in Germany. What is a requirement to get mobile wallets in the apple store for example, and to get a listing at some exchanges.
There is a an implementation of zGali , a way to send coins relative anonymously. But there is a warning in the wallet that transactions are linkable with the minting transactions. All fees used in this process of creating zGali are burned, lowering inflation slightly over time.

Official project link:
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Technical information

The team

Most people of the team come from Germany. They are not afraid to show their identity on the main website. That is a good sign to build trust for the project.The CEO is Maik Broemme, working in the team with Christian Grieger , Manuel Gogoll and Pascal Rebholz .
You can talk with the team on Discord , or follow them on twitter

Shopping with Galilel

It is an easy job to accept Galilel in a webshop, because it is one of the coins that is accepted with With this company a wide range of web integrations are available, like WordPress and Woo commerce.

Galilel Review

With a market cap at the moment of writing of around $300000 , this coin is small cap . The project started in 2018 , and has a good team of people working on it. The wallet is not just a clone or copy of another coin, but has parts in it that makes Galilel special.
This currency can be traded at 6 exchanges and 2 decentral exchanges.
A masternode requires 15000 coins as collateral. The returns are around 25% in coins a year.

The growth a year in coins is not to high. The active team working on this project can grow the use cases, environment and community faster then the growth of coins. So there is space enough for price appreciation.

Looking at all aspects of this coin , it might be a hidden gem, but always do your own research !

Last update of this page : 11-11-2019
First mention 10-10-2019

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