Welcome at coinsrate.org. This website will show you pages about many cryptocurrency projects providing you with the information to do your own research on projects. We don’t provide you with price information and we don’t give you any advice on what coin or token to buy. But we do give you information and links so you can figure out yourself if you like a coin / project / token or not.

Things to consider when buying,selling or trading crypto assets

Lets state first there are many different kinds of crypto token these days. It all started with Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency. The purpose is to use it as a coin. So in this blockchain is just money being created and used. Everything else is created in projects that are not on this blockchain itself, but just use the currency, like exchanges.

Something different are the platform crypto projects. Examples here are Ethereum , Waves and Ravencoin. The coin it self acts as a cryptocurrency , but on top of this chain other tokens can run representing other projects or companies.

Another class of crypto assets are the stable coins. These coins represent a traditional currency , and can be swapped back to dollars euros or another currency its is representing. The strength of stablecoins lays mainly in the fact that there is no influence of market fluctuations on the value.

Review or promote your cryptocoin on this site or add information

Basically we collect and review information for ourselves , and publish here what we have found. It can be inaccurate or incomplete. If you have more information, or you want to share the information of your favorite project feel free to contact us with the contact form.

For the addition of a project that is not on our site yet, you can use the template to bring information together. We might publish it if we feel it is honest information and not just hype talk.

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Cryptocurrency reviews

Now you might wonder why is the site called coinsrate?
We are working on a rating system for cryptocoin projects based on fundamental parameters, like technology, use cases, products and team and community. We are still optimizing the parameters and values.