BitcoinMono project information

BitcoinMono uses the abbreviation BTCMZ. This cryptocurrency is launched in februari 2019, as coin you can mine. And according the website it should be a sportbetting cryptocoin.

The mining rewards are huge in number of coins, but very low in value.
Total amount of coins will be one trillion when all coins are mined.
Project website :
Explorers :Explorer1

Mining BitcoinMono

You can mine BTCMZ at the Cryptonight-pico algorithm. The blocktime is 50 seconds , and the block reward is 42000 coins per block.

Markets and Exchanges

The markets for BitcoinMono are noted in trading pairs with Doge and XQR, because the value of one coin is even to low to be traded in parts of satoshis.

Review and outlook

Using the name of bitcoin in the name of a new altcoin is big red flag on the whole project. Usually it is done to mislead new people , who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

The project website calls this coin a sport bet currency, but there is nothing on the site showing anything related to sport betting or links to a product or even a plan to build something.

At this moment one mining pool has more then 51% of all the mining power on this chain.

There is no team or person behind this project identifying them selves on the website.

Most likely this is just a coin created to dump on traders. The outlook for coins like this one is negative, projects like this loose their value if they have any value at all. When the coins can not longer be sold the website will disappear, mining will stop, and everything is just history.