Zillioncoin cryptocurrency general information

Zillioncoin is the cryptocurrency of the zillion project. This project started in July 2018. You can mine this coin with a CPU from the wallet.

The main website represents the coin, you can download the wallet there. We found to side projects , a news website and Zilliongrid. Zilliongrid is about special nodes on top of the coins blockchain. At many other projects this kind of nodes is called a masternode or systemnode.

Official Website : http://www.zillioncoin.com/
Explorers : None found

Team and Community

The community and team ( we don’t know how big the team is ) are active on discord. The channel is sometimes silent for weeks, but when someone shows up with a question the admin is there to answer.

Mining Zillioncoin

You don’t need a lot of expertise to mine this coin. Just install the wallet and go to the tab for mining and click the start button. It is that easy to mine Zillion. The algorithm Zillionflux is unique for this coin , and can be mined with a CPU, without miners with big hardware taking all the new blocks. Block earnings will halve every 4 year.

Where to trade, buy or sell, and distribution

You can trade Zillioncoin at crex24 exchange. But be careful at this moment it is mainly a seller market. You can easily buy big amounts but you can hardly sell them.

Usually coins that can be mined without any special needs have a very good distribution after a couple of years. Because many people mine them for a few days or weeks, then move on to something else, but they still have some coins.

Review and outlook

The ideas for the project are great with a lot of things that should be build around this cryptocurrency. But the big question is “do they deliver? “.

I think you can install the wallet, and mine some coin for fun. Wait to see what the team is really building as a working product. At the current state the outlook is neutral to negative. Only with they Grid products working that will change.

The nodes require a strong hardware configuration. 8 GB of ram and 500 GB disk space. So its not a machine you run on a cheap VPS.

The projects forum is not active.

The wallet has not been updated since July 2018.

Relevant links

https://zillion.news – a cryptocurrency news website
http://www.zilliongrid.com/ – check to see what more is coming for the project.
Last update of this page : 27-01-2020