Xenioscoin XNC

We were triggered to look at Xenios cryptocurrency because it was listed at altilly exchange. Because of that we want to know a little more about the project.

The coin present itself as semi stable coin with an ever growing minimum price. Some asset management and a project “hotels and flights” should grow the value of Xenioscoin.

Official project website : http://xenioscoin.com/
Explorer : Explorer1

What we think about the project

A small team of 4 people is running this project.

Initial there are 100 million coins, the number slowly grows by the new blocks with 2 new coins per block.

Buy or sell the coin on one of these exchanges : Vindax, Altilly or Forgery.

Distribution over addresses is very small.

Although the website and announcement say the coin is a hybrid of PoW and PoS , you can not mine this coin. So the cryptocoin uses a Proof of Stake consensus algo.

The value of the project is pretty stable. This might be caused by the low distribution , and no selling of coins by the team ( maybe the team holds significant amounts of coins themselves ).

Our feeling about the project is that it is to small to keep the current value of around 13 million US dollar for the complete chain. We expect this crypto currency to be an underperformer in the cryptocoin markets.

Maybe it would have been better for the team to run their project with a private token instead of using a public cryptocoin for it.