WrkzCoin cryptocurrency general information

The Wrkzcoin project started in februari 2018. This cryptocurrency can be mined. You might wonder why we are writing about this coin. Well, we found it trading on altilly exchange, and we wanted to know something more about the project. We always look at cheap coins to see if it is an hidden gem.
Official website : https://www.wrkz.work
Explorer : Explorer

Technical information

WrkzCoin is minable coin. There are 45 billion of this coins in circulation. Not much mining pools are available anymore.

Team and community

The official website requires you to signup for a forum. We haven’t done that with the information we found on other sources.

Where to trade, buy or sell

This crypto currency can be traded in all available markets on Altilly exchange. Pairs are XQR, USDT , DOGE, BTC and more.
The explorer has no rich list , but from the total 45 billion coins, there are 15 billion in Altilly exchange wallets.

WrkzCoin review , research and analysis

With a market capitalization of around 2300 USD it is a microcap.
The big amount of coins and the low marketcap does not make it look like serious project.
The activity on twitter and other social media is minimal , the project is not entirely abandoned, but does not seem to be real active either.
We found no use case for the coin. Mining this coin is not something you can do with profits, or even make enough coins to pay for your electricity.
We think the coin is more a token to play with mining then anything that should considered a serious coin or investment.
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Last update of this page : 17-12-2019