Information about Wexcoin cryptocurrency

Wexcoin is a cryptocurrency. The official website of Wexcoin only tells us that the coin exists , and that it should work as a currency. This cryptocurrency blockchain is running on Proof of Stake. The amount of information on the website is very limited.

Copy right of the websites suggests the project is started in 2015.
Some post on bitcointalk from 2016 tell a little more, but these threats are not active since 2017 anymore. Information there is mostly blocktimes, earning per block, and a premine of 10 billions coins.

Official website: https://wexcoin.org/
Blockexplorer : Explorer 1

Technical information

On the website are links to wallet for windows and iOS on desktop computers, and links to mobile wallets for android and iOS.
The blockchain is running on Proof of Stake (PoS). No history of mining or masternodes.

Team and community

There is no information about a team or community on the website. We found nothing like a chat community, twitter or media accounts.

Exchanges and distribution

Currently at the moment of writing the coins are distributed over only 467 addresses. There are 10 billion of coins 99,99 percent are in 20 wallets.

According the website there is one exchange were you can trade this coin. Its on exico.io , not exchange everyone knows, I never heard of it before I was writing this review.

Review for Wexcoin

We found no use case for Wexcoin.

The 10 billion coins in existence according the explorer, in combination with a value showing of 500 sathoshi , gives the project an unrealistic value of 412 million dollar ( this is showing on the explorer page) .

This cryptocoin should be classified as never started project or abandoned project.

We did not made a rating for this coin because of inactivity community and team , its not worth to spend time on a full rating.

Last update of this page : 18-11-2019