Waves cryptocurrency general information

Waves is a cryptocurrency on the waves platform blockchain. This means anyone can build other tokens on top this chain for their own project.

The wallet for this coin has an exchange inside the wallet, where you can trade many different cryptocurrencies, and also some fiat currencies.

Official website : https://wavesplatform.com/
Waves Explorer : Explorer 1

Team and community

The team

You can have a chat with the community on more Telegram and Discord channels. All social, like Twitter and Medium are used to spread news and messages of what is going on , so you can follow them there.
There is a forum special for special made for this cryptocoin, any question regarding this coin can be asked there.

Trading and exchanges, where to buy or sell

This cryptocurrency is traded at many exchanges in more then 140 market pairs. The most relevant exchange is Binance. But also the markets inside de wallet, what are in fact de-central markets are a good place to trade the coin. The decentral trade place in de wallet is also the place to trade the tokens that are made on this chain.

Waves review and investment analysis

The cost to create your own token on the chain is only 1 coin, the token can be made within one minute. (But you should think ,before you do it about the name , number of coins etc. )

The number of new coins generated per block are not too high. This keeps the inflation low. The project will most likely grow faster then the inflation.

We are positive for Waves , as it is ongoing developed and already running as a strong utilized blockchain . It is a chain that will stay with us for the coming years. The coin might outperform the market.

Disclaimer : always do your own research before buying or selling a cryptocoin or token. This also counts for Waves.

Recommendation : Read our review of Qredit. It is a small cap coin with the same features.