General information on VITE cryptocurrency

We are triggered to look at VITE cryptocurrency by the community voting for this coin on Binance. User of Binance can vote for this coin in a competition with COTI. The one with the most votes gets a listing at the exchange.

The project is running on its own blockchain. It has an own implementation of delegated proof of stake, called hierarchical DPoS.
Different products are a working exchange ,ViteX. The chain allows tokens on top of the chain.

The project started in June 2018, and is now one and a half year old.

Official Website :
Explorers : Explorer 1

Team and Community

They team of VITE is mainly coming from Beijing and its quiet a big team. Also supported by a big community worldwide.

Where to buy, sell and trade on exchanges

You can buy and sell this cryptocurrency at 6 exchanges. Hotbit , OKEx , Bittrex and last but not least ViteX , the projects own exchange.
None of the 4 known explorers is showing a rich list or another way to see how the coins are distributed over addresses.

Review and analysis of VITE

When we look at the community we expect VITE to win the community voting on Binance. But it might be different as the binancecoin holders have the votes. They make the decision. As soon as we know we will update this information.

It looks like the VITE team is working hard to get things of the ground. There are wallets for all mobile devices , cell phones. And actual there are 1400 full nodes running to maintain the blockchain network.
The current value of the total chain is 7 million USD.

Inflation rate ( generation of new coins) is around 3 % a year.
The project is started with a big pre-mine, but they have already build real products.

And the big question after what we found , would we buy VITE ? The answer here is No. All products look good but the 7 million dollar value is fair under current market conditions. Missing information about distribution and the fact that the exchange is one of the more then 1000 exchanges around brings us to the conclusion that the upside potential might be limited.

And keep in mind : Always do your own research when investing some in cryptocurrency projects!

Last update of this page 10-12-2019