Unprll cryptocurrency general information

The cryptocurrency Unprll was launched in November 2018 as a mine-able coin. The purpose was to create a coin that could only be mined with CPU’s and when mining that way it is not possible to use a miningpool. Besides the specials made on the mining part the cryptocoin should provide privacy on the chain and in transactions like Monero.

Official Website : https://unprll.cash/
Explorers : The explorer page does not work

Team and Community

The community can be found on discord, but there is hardly any activity. So far we have seen one person, as developer, making this project a one man show.

Exchanges and distribution

If you want to trade Unprll , you need to search for places where you can trade direct wit other people. There are no exchanges where this coin is traded at this moment.

Our review and expected outlook for Unprll

Cool thing in the mining part is that mining activities to the same address all get the same task, so mining with more systems to one eddress would not raise the earnings. This way bot nets will not work to mine coins.

The last tweet from the official account for this coin is more than 2 years old.

The project is maintained , but it is really a micro project, as soon as the dev not likes it anymore it might be over.

It might be fun to mine some of the coins , but that’s it , play with it just for fun. We don’t expect it to be a high value coin if it is long term survivor at all.

Last update of this page : 2-12-2019

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