Unobtanium cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency Unobtanium (UNO) is an older project started in 2013. It is started as a coin that can be mined, and you can still mine it on the SHA algorithm. This coin can be merge mined with bitcoin, then you are mining BTC and UNO at the same time with the same equipment.

Project website :
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Exchanges and distribution

The main exchange for Unobtanium currency is the small exchange Altilly with four market pairs , BTC , ETH, USDT and XQR. Besides, there exist markets at BISQ and Blockdex decentral exchanges. The trading volume is only a few hundred bucks a day.

The coins are distributed over 14000 adresses , and the top 10 addresses holding 38% of all coins. Many of these top accounts are not touched for over two years now.

Team and community

The team is active on a telegram channel. There are 4 people in the team, of which only one has decided to stay anonymous. The lead developer is Bryce Weiner. He is frequently speaking at cryptocoin conventions. The community is not very big , also on twitter the project does not have a lot of followers. Special for a cryptocoin of this age.

Unobtanium review

To mine this coin you need SHA256 Asic machines. This hardware to mine uses a very high wattage.

The coin was pre-annouced before launch , so everyone could prepare to mine the cryptocurrency before it started.

The total supply is limited to 250.000 coins. This is not really much and keeps the value relative high.

Distribution for this coin is not very impressive with 14000 addresses. The cause might be that is mostly a coin for the big miners with SHA256 asics.

Wallets for all main operating systems can be downloaded from the website. And technical it looks good.

Our final opinion about this project is that it is mainly relevant for the big mining farms collecting some of this coins beside their main target bitcoin by merge mining them. Another example of a merge mine coin with bitcoin is Crown. It is not a coin you must have in your crypto investment portfolio, but its not a bad one either.

Last update of this page : 15-11-2019