How to make money with cryptocurrency

By visiting this page you are most likely searching how to make money with cryptocurrency. Everyone on the internet has heared about cryptocoins these days. Cryptocoins in general or specific about Bitcoin. There are a lot of stories about people becomeing rich in a very short time, but also about people who lost the value of their coins.


Mining cryptocurrencies is like printing your own money. But there are some issues with this approach. You could mine bitcoins with an old laptop back in 2009. Today that is a very different situation. To mine bitcoins you need specific hardware , so called ASIC’s. Besides the cost of these machines they use lots of electrity. This makes mining only profitable when you live in a country where electrity is very cheap. When energy is highly taxed like in Europe , you can not mine and pay the electricy bills from selling the coins. If you still mining is the right way to make money with cryptocurrency for you. Consider it is work, you have to monitor your mining equipement. You have to monitor if the mining pools pay out. You have to find the best coins to mine.


Buy and hold a while then sell them for a better price. This sounds the most easy. Some people keep their coins for years and sell them with high profits. Sometimes they even make 100 times or more their initial investment. But not every coin will follow this path to value. It is like investing in small companies, only a few grow to big corporations. The most will end as small company. That is not different in crypto. Most projects will never grow big , and are abandonned at some point.

Trading cryptocurrencies to make money

daytrading , longer term, arbitrage

When you are novice to trading , without any background in financial trading at all, you best stay with two of the bigger quality exchanges : Bittrex and Binance.

Masternodes for stable returns

Running masternodes is a way to make money with cryptocoins. Once set up the node generates new coins that end up in your wallet. When you are running a masternode , you have two options what to do with your earned coins. Sell them every day / regular or grow your wealth in the coins you are earning by running the node. Before you are able to run a masternode you need to buy the coins. So you have to do your own research on what is a good coin to own and has masternodes in their network.

Running a masternode will give you a regular income in the coin you have invested in. If the price of that coin does well, you are doing even better. We have more information on masternode coins here.

Yield farming – how to make money with cryptocurrency

Staking coins –