August new listings on Altilly

Every serious cryptoexchange is removing and adding new coins and tokens once in a while. There are more than 1000 exchanges around the world these days. Crypto exchanges are one of the most important use cases for Bitcoin. A small exchange I like is Altilly. In todays post I am looking at the twelve projects, that are marked as new listings in August.


Afrocoin has a foundation website that tells us the mission is to be a cryptocoin for Africa. The address shown on the site is not in Africa but in Switserland. A few names of people on the website , and there the information ends. The number of coins is extremely high. And 98% of those coins are distributed over only 100 addresses. Our fast review ends here. Read more about Afro coin.

Politicoin (PBLC)

Politicoin is a token on the Ethereum Blockchain.In the smartcontract there are 31 billion tokens, distributed over 20 addressess. I am little amazed Altilly gave them a listing, even if they have paid for it. First thought on this coin, stay away from it. A project /cryptocurrency needs backing by a community that is bigger then 20 people. But every project deserves a good review, so we will go more in dept on the coin page. You can read more about Politicoin here.

KnoxFS (KFX)

KnoxFS is a new coin rebranded from Aegeus. This means there was a cryptocoin project Aegeus , and the coins are swapped to something newly created. The team of Aegeus did not deliver something of value for the blockchain, and now they do another sale of coins on a new chain. They still have no working products , only a plan to build something in the future. Not very attempting to buy coins of a project that has not delivered a serious usecase after a few years. It looks like the rebrand is only done to get more bitcoins for the creators of the chain. Read more about Aegeus and KnoxFS on the coin pages.

SmartofGiving (AOG)

This projects has a game that you can play for the tokens. When you earned the tokens you can decide to what charity you donate the tokens.

Read more about SmartofGiving.

Rapids (RPD)

The environnement and activity looks good, the complete blockchain value is very high because of the huge amount of coins. This makes the coin hardly tradable.

Read more about Rapids .

Rewardiqa (REW)


Read more about Rewardiqa.

GameCredits (GAME)

Gamecredits is not a new coin, but they project had their own chain, and is recently swapped to an ERC20 token on Ethereum. There was a explantion about US investors taking over the project, and they swapped to the ERC20 token. A strange story, but the effect is the project gets new listings at places where they could be traded before, not as independ coin/chain but as a token. Read more about Gamecredits here.

Elya (ELYA)

The cryptocurrency Elya is close connected to a telecom company selling SIM cards. You can use the service in around 100 countries worldwide. The coin started as a coin you could mine. But in 2019 it was swapped to a PoS coin. The number of coin is high (3 billion) . Hard to say it is a good or bad coin. This cryptocurrency needs more in depth reviewing. Read more about Elya here.

42Coin (42)

Coin42 is known for the low total suplly of coins. There exist only 42 coins. Read more about 42coin.

TomoChain (TOMO)

Tomochain is only new at altilly, the coin is traded at many exchanges. You can even trade it at Binance. The products of the project are decentral exchanges. I have not tried it, but thy caim you can setup a DEX in minutes. The coin price is doing well recently. Read more about TomoChain.

VGTGtoken (VTGT)


Read more about VGTGtoken .

CryptoCricketClub (3CS)


Read more about CryptoCricketClub .