Troy crypto token general information

Troy is a token on the Binance blockchain. It represents ownership of Troytrade , a new crypto currency and assets broker. This broker is targeting professional traders and institutional investors. It offers a wide range of services and trade options for its customers. Currently the platform is running only for invited customers. By using this broker the customers have access to many exchanges around the world all from one platform. This looks like the traditional stock broker, where you can buy any stock around the world on stock exchanges without having an account on the exchange, only have an account with the broker.

The public offering of Troy on Binance

800,000,000 TROY tokens are available for the launch at Binance , that’s 8 percent of all ten billion tokens created.

Official Website :
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Team and Community

There is a team of 7 known people behind the project.
Kira Sun – CEO
Qihan Lin – head of product
Clark Tong – CTO
Charlie Chen – Marketing director
Jerry Shen – Backend Engineer
Andy Zang – Backend Engineer
Bob Ma – Frontend developer
You can follow them on twitter and join them in their Telegram chat channel.

Exchanges and distribution

This crypto asset is introduced on Binance exchange with an airdrop / lottery.
There has been a private investment round before at a rate of $0.007 per token, the token price for the buyers on binance with the initial offering is $0.005.
Most likely the main markets in the near future will be on Binance.

Troy cryptocoin Review

The project has a working platform , as far as we can see. We are not invited to use it. So we cannot say anything about how its working inside.

Using a broker to keep your cryptocoins ads an extra layer of risk over your crypto holdings. As long as you don’t move them to an own wallet. We are wondering where the assets are stored when you buy something using this broker. Because we all know , exchanges come and go, sometimes taking all the assets to the dark side of the moon.

The contract says there are 10 billion of tokens of Troy , what seems to be quite a lot.

The company offers OTC and margin trading. Margin trading is always a red flag for us. And OTC trading might have some risk in it as well.

Valuation of the project with 10 billion tokens and a price of $0.005 , makes it 50 million USD. It seems a lot of money for a new company in a market where people mainly want to have bitcoins and the competition of exchanges and trading companies is very strong.

Last update of this page : 3-12-2019