Tron cryptocurrency description

Tron is the currency on a blockchain that is also servicing tokens on the chain. So other projects can create a token on top of this chain. The project is founded in 2017 . The founder is Justin Sun.

Official website :
Explorers : Tronscan

Team and community

The team has three members according the website. Justin Sun it the CEO for the project.


This cryptocurrency is listed at many of the big exchanges , you can buy and sell them literally everywhere. On the site are the names of 77 exchanges that have a listing for this coin.

Tron review

When you hold your coins on Binance exchange , you get two monthly distributions , one for wink the other or bittorrent token (btt).
There are around 3000 tokens created on this chain , most are just tests and micro projects , but they still use the tron chain.

One of the strongest most interesting token is Tr USD, a stable coin for USD.

The Tron network is very fast and can handle around 2000 transactions per second. Compared to bitcoin that can handle 6 transactions per second. But this look on bitcoin does not count for the Bitcoin Lightning network.

In 2018 TRON acquired BitTorrent Inc. BitTorrent has more than 170 million people using its products per month. This creates a userbase of round 100 million people using Tron.

The leading currency in platform cryptocurrencies is still Ethereum. Tron might be a competitor in this market. But when you look at the way how this coin is valued, its an amount of coins x value per coin. The most coins are still in the hands of founders or foundation. This is an unrealistic approach of value , although often used in the cryptocoin community. Same is the case with the bittorrent token on this blockchain. This is making the current price much less impressive.

With the current chain value of 1,3 billion $ , this project might be overvalued.

Some other competitors as platform coins are Waves and Stratis.

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