Sphere cryptocurrency general information

Sphere coin or spherepay is an older cryptocurrency project started in 2015. Started as a minable coin, it became a ERC20 token on Ethereum later. In 2019 the Eth tokens were swapped to a new token on the Ubiq blockchain. With this swap one old token was swapped to five new tokens.
There is no special purpose for this token defined at the website.
Official Website : https://sphrpay.io/
Explorers : You should look for the explorer in the Ubiq explorer.

Team and Community

The website does not show a team or developer. But the person who made the announcement on the bitcointalk forum is still maintaining the announcement message with updates.

Exchanges and distribution

You can buy or sell Sphere cryptocurrency at Bittrex exchange.

Review for Sphere coin

The resources of information for this coin are very limited. So we found nothing special about this project. Even the information about the project on the official website near nothing.
Sphere is listed at some good exchanges. Bittrex and Upbit. The trading volume is low , and the buy orderbook is not really big in orders.
It looks like the project is kept alive by the admin who started it a long time ago. The good times for this coin are long ago. We found no future plans or roadmap where the team wants to go. Nothing is special here.
Being a UBQ token there is no consensus model needed to move the blockchain forward. So there are new coins generated with every new block. You face no inflation of coins here.
We expect the value of this coin slowly fading away , maybe some temporary upward trading activity will show up. That’s normal in the cryptocoin world. But with no real team , and no future plans for growth there is not much to see.

Last update of this page : 13-12-2019
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