What do we know about Shift NRG cryptocurrency ?

When we have setup our delegate server for Qredit, we started to look at the same kind of projects using Delegated Proof of stake as consensus model. That’s how we found Shift. And we decided to look a little further in to the project to see if we would like to run a delegate server for this cryptocurrency as well.

Shift project intend to be a solution for data storage , with decentral cloud hosting.

The blockchain was forked in august 2015 from the Lisk codebase.

Official project website :
Explorers : Explorer 1

Team and community

The community is very supportive for this coin, but sad to say the main developers have left the building. You can find the community on their discord channel.

Buy or sell this coin

If you want to trade this cryptocurrency, you can do that on Bitexlive and Altilly. Some other exchange listings like Bittrex were lost in the previous years.

Review for Shift

We have been reading what is happening in the discord channel for Shift. I seems that two main developers have left the project, after many years. To bad they did not deliver any coding on their ideas during the past years. The ideas were great, but when it is not build, its nothing more than an idea.

The project was high valued a couple of years ago, but even the 200 k USD value seems to be too much.

Our final decision on the question:” Do we want to run a delegate server for this coin ?” is : No, we don’t want to buy the coins to set it up. Setting up a delegate server always requires some coins to set it up, and maybe some coin owners will send you votes , when you share the earnings. But mainly it is an investment the node owner has to make.