Scriv cryptocurrency description

Scriv is small coin cryptocoin project. The project was started in November 2018. The coin is forked from or based on the Dash code.
Official project link:
Explorers: Explorer

Miningpool : BSOD miningpool

Technical information

You can mine Scriv on the tribus algorithm. This cryptocurrency also has masternodes implemented, of which the collateral is 100000 coins.

The premine was 24 million coins, of a total of 150 million that will exist when the block rewards no longer add up new coins.

Team and community :

On discord two people show up as core team members. About the community; we looked at the discord channel or this coin. It is clean and active , but it is quiet in there.
What makes this project special ? The answer on this question is , sorry we found nothing special.

Where can we trade this coin:

This cryptocoin is listed a Crex24, Altilly and 3 other exchanges.

Review for Scriv

At the moment of writing, the total blockchain has a value of around $15000. You can buy yourself a masternode for $35 with an expected return in coins of 25 percent a year.

When we look at the block explorer, we notice that the top 100 addresses own 96 percent of all coins. So coins are not really wide distributed.

There are mentioned 3 side projects that should add up some value for this project. They team runs a mining pool, but there are no miners working with them. Another side project is a monitoring app, the website is not running for this one. Leaves us just the shared masternode and staking pool system; StackOfStake.

Scriv can be found at many masternode monitoring websites , and websites about mining. What is a good long term marketing method.

Considering this coin just as a forked product with nothing really special, the low value seems fair.

Last update of this page 10-11-2019

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