Sakura Bloom

Sakura Bloom cryptocurrency general information

Sakura Bloom is token on the Ethereum Blockchain The token should function as a currency. The website is available in 4 languages, English and 3 asian languages. Showing some focus on Asia.
Official Website :
Explorers : Etherscan explorer

Team and Community

The team is unknown. We found nothing about them on the website.

Exchanges and distribution

Sakura Bloom has markets to buy and sell the cryptocurrency on Mercatex and Coinbene. There is no gateway to buy tokens direct with cash.
The token is distributed over 2800 addresses , what is not a wide distribution for a cryptocurrency.

Review for Sakura Bloom

Volume in the markets on the two exchanges for this coin is near zero.
The project was announced 17 april 2018 on the bitcointalk forum. The person that made the announcement was last active there in September 2018. Some news on the website is updated till November 2019 , so there is some activity there.

On the website there is some message the project would have something to do with healthcare. Everyone knows healthcare is a big market, but Sakura Bloom does not show any real connection with it.

Searching on the website for use cases does not show any results.
You can keep the tokens on any wallet that is useful for Ethereum ERC20 tokens. So you have a wide choice of wallets to keep your coins.

Current value of the full blockchain is mainly based on the number of 6 billion tokens. Not on serious value per token. Although the total value of the chain shows a worth of around $600000 , it should be considered a micro project coin . Nothing is making the currency special, so with more than 5000 coins to choose from, Sakura bloom is not something I like to have in my investment portfolio of crypto assets.

Last update of this page : 6-12-2019