General information on Rate3 cryptocurrency

Rate3 (RTE) is cryptocoin project started in February 2018. The project raised approximately 17 million US$ value of cryptocurrencies with an ICO in May 2018. The idea of the project is to create some chain inter-operability between different blockchain like Ethereum and Stellar.

Tokenization is one of the keywords in the documentation of the RATE3 project. They also talk a lot about Know-Your-Customer and identification on the blockchain.

Official project website : https://www.rate3.network/
Explorers :Etherscan Explorer

Team and community

We haven’t found a team with real identities on the official website. Github shows accounts of 5 guys from Singapore. The threat on Bitcointalk forum is not very active. A chat channel exists on telegram.

Trading and Exchanges

You can trade this token on six exchanges. Of which Huobi Global has the highest market volume in trading. Most token are on addresses connected to Huobi.

Rate3 review

The last news update of the project on Medium is more than half a year old. The twitter account is not active since the same time.
When we look at the Explorer most of the token are in the top ten accounts and on Huobi exchange.

The project has not communicated about progress they have made since the ICO.

At this moment it is just a token at the Ethereum blockchain. So it is not something special they have created on an own chain.

Writing about KYC (Know Your Customer) and identification does not make the project attractive. Everyone should be very careful providing his or her full identity to a project. A database with real and full identities of people is very valuable for people with wrong intentions.

When we look at the communication, we think the project has been abandoned. At least the Rate3 project is overvalued for the work that is delivered.

Last update of this page : 2-12-2019

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