Rapids cryptocurrency (RPD)

Rapids coin is a project started in 2018. At some point in time they swapped old coins for new on a new chain.

Websites and explorer

Official website

Explorer 1 , explorer 2

Team , community and social media

According the website there are many people involved in the team , with many different roles.

Exchanges , where to trade Rapids

There are 9 exchanges where you cab trade Rapids. You can buy and sell this coin at Altilly.

Review for Rapids

Rapids is a typical small coin project. It seems they work to let the environnement grow. But the number of coins is very big , and the value is as low as 1 sat .

Nine places to buy or sell the coin is pretty good for a small project.

In oktober 2020 , 5 billion of the coins in circulation were burned by the team.

I think the project is interesting in sence of usecases. But the number of coins is killing the price.

Relevant links for this project

Rapidsworld – I dont what it exactly is , but it is a side project, usecase for the coin