Qredit (XQR) description

Qredit is a blockchain forked from ARK with some modifications to allow 3rd parties to build on the Qredit chain. So tokens can be build on a running blockchain here just like they can be made on Ethereum or Waves. The protocol used for smart contracts is QAE. They will be available in different versions QAE-1 to QAE-3 , all with their specifications.

Official website : https://qredit.io
Explorer : Explorer 1

Team and community

The team has 11 members, and there is a company behind the project , Hodler Enterprise located in Sweden. Founder and CEO is Nayiem Willems from the Netherlands.

Qredit review

The most relevant use case for qredit is the small exchange Altilly.
Most coins listed here have a XQR market beside the usual BTC markets.
Altilly is preparing tools for easy creation of QAE-1 tokens on the Qredit blockchain.

The blockchain is running on DPoS, what stands for Distributed Proof of Stake. The 51 forging nodes that are always online earn the stakes. User who own smaller amounts can delegate their coins to such a node, and earn parts of the stakes when they are distributed by the person who runs the forging node.

For 2020 integrations for fiat currencies are expected to be integrated.

The current value of the total chain is around 350000 dollar at the moment of writing. What looks little low considering what this coin is used for. And what the team has delivered. They are a little behind on the roadmap , but do deliver products once in while.

Valkery Deployer is a tool created by the team to make it easy to fork and host new coins from the qredit codebase.

Web wallets and mobile wallets for cellphones are available. The windows wallet was tested by us and worked without any problem.

Usecase Altilly

Altilly is an exchange with a lot of XQR and USDT markets beside the traditional bitcoin markets. This way making the step forward to be less dependent on the bitcoin price, although crypto has a long way to go before cryptocoin – fiat trading pairs take over the position of bitcoin.

Tokens created on top of the qredit blockchain can get a free listing at Altilly exchange.

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