Qredit tokens

Qredit tokens

Qredit tokens are tokens created on top of the Qredit Blockchain.

The complete Qredit tokens list

The qredit blockchain offers the possibility to create your own token on top of the chain. There are two ways to create a token for your project. You can do it very easy inside the qredit wallet or do it on Altilly exchange.

NameShortcodeTradebleWebsitePurposeRead more
PersonaQPSNyeshttps://qredit.io/persona/Identy on the blockchainmore
CryptoguesserCGTyeshttps://www.cryptoguesser.com/Showcase how tokens on Qredit work, running project.more
Social ClubROCKyeshttps://socialclub.rocks/Running appmore
ManucianMUFCnoUnknownFun group for Manchester United fans.more
HopiumHOPEsoonUnknownPromotional token, airdroppedmore
VietnamDongVNDTnoUnknownStablecoin for the Vietnam Dongmore
Lixi QreditLIXInohttps://lixi88.me/home.shtmlToken for a lottery websitemore
ZoloMoneyZOLOnoUnknownUnknown yetmore
Qredit Lite CashXLCnohttps://xlc-token.siteReward token for XQR holdersmore
MNItokenMNInohttps://nmi.comUnknown yetmore
Touristic RewardTOURnoUnknownUnknown yetmore

In the table above it is easy to find tokens. When you want to know more about it , click on more and you will go to the section on this page with the relevant information we have found about the project.

Many of the qredit tokens are free airdrops now. Some of them are distributed with an airdrop on altilly. Others are distributed in discord or telegram channels.

Persona token (QPSN)

Persona is a token from the qredit team for a sub project. This project connects identy to adresses, not only for XQR and ARK , but it can be extended to other crypto coins as well. You can read more about persona on the project website. The QPSN token is traded at altilly.

Hopium token (HOPE)

The Hopium token is a token on qredit where the admin has created the token to do airdrops ( free coin distribution ) to get more attention to the Qredit projects and blockchain. You can get your free token in the Hopium Discord channel.

Cryptoguesser token (CGT)

Cryptoguesser token is a small working website to make small bets on the last digits of a future block on the Qredit blockchain.
This token is airdropped on Altilly.

Social Club (ROCK)

Social Club token is a token for a social media app. The token was launched after the initial success of the app, that was downloaded 3500 times in the first two weeks.
This token is airdropped on Altilly and in the app later on. You can visit project website to find out about app.

Vietnamdong (VNDT)

This token is intended to work as a stablecoin for the Vietnamese Dong currency. You can get some of the tokens for free in the projects Discord server.

Lixi Qredit (LIXI)

Lixi Qredit is a token for a lottery website in Asia. The project promises a minimum value of 5 US dollar cent per token. Around 5 percent of the tokens is airdropped in discord, 5 % for marketing. The other 90% go to the gambling site as funding.
The airdrop is running in the projects Discord channel for Lixi

ZoloMoney QAE token (ZOLO)

The Zolomoney cryptocurrency token is a token in on the Qredit Blockchain. They project has applied for a listing at Altilly which has been rejected by the exchange management.

Manuciancoin QAE token (MUFC)

Manucian coin is token for an unofficial Manchester United fangroup online. The token was rejected by altilly for an exchange listing. The team of the token is running a Vietnamese for soccer fans : MU fans Vietnam.

Qredit Lite Cash QAE token (XLC)



More information coming soon.

Touristic reward token(TOUR)

At the moment we don’t know much about this token. There has been a request to list it at an exchange. The coins are not distributed over addresses. The listing request was rejected by the exchange.


Why I made this page / list about Qredit tokens

In the first place I love the Qredit blockchain project since two months, and it is one of my favorite projects around. The value of the complete blockchain is still low compared to other projects. The team keeps delivering the project ideas they generated and announced in the past.

Tokens on top of the chain uses the blockchain for transactions and administration of ownership. Airdrops of token are done to spread the value and connect to a community, what is very important to build a community.

A small story of success

A couple of years ago i had some Waves. Many tokens where dropped to adresses with a positive balances of Waves coins. When i opened my wallet again after two years , I could sell one of those tokens for $1400. This can happen to you too now, now new qredit tokens are given away for free. Keep them for a few years , then see what they are worth. You have nothing to loose here.

If you want to donate some tokens or coins, our Qredit address is : QZK8XC1Lipv28uPHNASRqK3X7BfwFirBBt

Also feel free to contact us get your token listed at this page.