Qredit delegate

Why becoming a Qredit delegate

We became a delegate for Qredit because of our love for the project. At coinsrate.org we are researching all kind of crypto projects just to see if we like to invest in them. After reviewing around 50 coins and tokens , Qredit was one that showed up as the best developed small cap coin. They have a very strong environment with an exchange that uses Qredit as base currency. You can create tokens on top of the chain for your own projects. There is a good well known team to support users and customers.

This is a reason for us to support this project by running a delegate. Besides running the forging dalegate, we have invested in this coin by buying them on an exchange.

What we have to offer

Our delegate shares 90% of all earning with our voters.
The server is setup to payout your earnings every day, when the minimum of 0,5 coins is reached.
If you want to join us, the delegate name to vote on is coinsrate_org .

Who is behind this

The coinsrate.org delegate for Qredit is a coöperation of Coinsrate.org and Nodemaster.co.uk .

You might know Nodemasters.co.uk for its operation of https://mymue.com/, a platform for masternode sharing for Monetary Unit since 2017.

Disclaimer :
That we are exited about this cryptocurrency project should not be a reason to invest for you. Always do your own research before investing in a coin.