PRIZM cryptocurrency information

PRIZM is a cryptocurrency started in April 2017. The special of this coin is the paramining feature. When you own only one coin, you earn more coins by keeping your wallet open until you have a total of 1 million coins.

Official website :

Explorer : Explorer

Technical information

The chain is running on forging an implementation of Proof of Stake. So you can not mine this coin.

Team and Community

The people behind is project are not identified on the website. You can find the community in a telegram chat channel. There is a twitter account in English, but that’s not really active, mainly there are a few messages about updates in their github.
Going deeper in to the official website of the project , most likely the people behind the project are Russian.

Markets and Exchanges

This coin is traded at 3 crypto currency exchanges and a DEX. We don’t use BTC alpha to trade, but the orderbook for PRIZM looks big enough to support a good volume.

PRIZM cryptocoin review

Wallets are available for the main operating systems. Even a webwallet exists. But remember about webwallets, if you don’t have the private keys of a coin, you can lose them when something happens to website where you have stored them.

The news part of the website is only available in Russian language.
The explorer does not tell us anything about the distribution of coins over addresses. So its unknown if there are many holders involved.

Now you might want to know what we think about PRIZM. We haven’t found a use case. But the main technical needs all seem to be there. The amount of coins in circulation is over 300 million. This gives the total blockchain a value of around 178 million US dollar. This value seems to be very high for a small project like PRIZM, it might be optical value. So we stay out of this cryptocurrency.

Last update of this page : 26-11-2019