General information- What makes Phore coin special?

The Phore project started in oktober 2017 with an announcement on the bitcointalk forum. The coin itself is a general purpose cryptocurrency. The side projects should make it special. The coin name is usual shortened to PHR.

The blockchain is secured by masternodes and runs on proof of stake.

Official Website :
Explorers : Explorer 1

Team and Community

The team is represented on the website with names and photo’s and links to linked in profiles. More the 20 persons are part of the team, but it seems some are more active for other cryptocurrency projects (like COTI)then for the Phore project. Six of the team members are developers / coders. ( keep in mind they build everything ).

The community can be found at all relevant social media, like twitter, discord and telegram. There is a lot to read special in in the projects discord server.

Where to trade, buy or sell, and distribution

You can trade Phore at Crex24 and Graviex exchanges, besides these two there are some decentral exchanges to buy or sell this cryptocurrency. The favorite in price and volume is Crex24.
The total coins are distributed over around 7000 addresses , the top 10 wallets have a total of 20% of all coins.

Review and analysis for Phore cryptocurrency

The Phore team has built an app with a decentral market place, we installed this app, and found there were only two offers , and for us nothing of interest was sold.

In the past Phore was traded at some exchanges with high volume where I had no account. It seems these exchanges are gone or the listing there are gone, because they are no longer showing at coinmarketcap. (update, the exchange that is gone was Idax).

At the moment of writing a masternode is worth around 750 USD , giving a return of around 20% a year. There are near 500 masternodes running at this time. The masternode collateral ( how much coins you need to run a masternode) is 10000 PHR.

Of each new generated block, 9 news coins are made. These coins are divided over a masternodes, stakers and a team budget fund. Inflation from new coins isn’t too high.

We have installed the wallet and marketplace app. The wallet took days to get synchronized, but furthermore it is functional and working fine.

After more then 2 years running, they people still are enthusiast about their project. But we think that in two years more of the side projects should be running. We see the coin as a long term survivor, but not as a big outperformer of the cryptocoin markets in general.

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