Omotenashicoin (MTNS)

The Omotenashicoin project presents it self as a cryptocurrency for the tourist industry. The abbreviation for the coin is MTNS.

You can mine this coin on the Skein algorithm. Besides on mining the chain is running on masternodes. Where a masternode requires 10.000 coin.

The project was first announced in June 2019 on bitcointalk forum, but did a kind of relaunch at the end of the year.

We found this coin when we were doing some research for MMOcoin, and we were looking at the miningpool. Then this coin showed up as minable as well, and we wanted to know something more about it.

Project website
Project explorer : Not found
Miningpool :

The team

The team is unknown, the website is not telling who they are.
As we found no explorer for the coin we can not tell anything about the distribution of this cryptocurrency.

What we think about Omotenashicoin

Running on the skein algo, the coin can be mined at a low electricity cost, but you will need some special mining hardware like Baikals.
No actual use case has been found. The website says they are targeting the tourist industry, but does not tell how they want to do that. This market is not easy to access as it is well developed for the normal fiat currencies. Its was more likely that a cryptocoin holder will pay for his holiday trip with bitcoin then with a small new cryptocoin.

We think this project is more a fun project for some people who want to mine on the skein algorithm, then a serious coin that is with us for the long term. Mining this coin is not profitable in most parts of the world. Rewards for mining change with certain block ranges of 45000 blocks. Sometimes a block generates only 1 coin, at other times 200 coins.

Interest is low as we watch the bitcoin talk forum threat for this coin. Hardly anyone writing something there.

We think the Omotenashi coin project will slowly die like a candle.

Last update of this page : 20-1-2020