Odem cryptocurrency general information

Odem token is coin on the Ethereum blockchain. It should function as a cryptocurrency on the Odem marketplace. This marketplace is platform for education. Students and teacher can find each other. A student an follow online courses, and pay with the token.
Official Website : https://odem.io/the-odem-token/
Explorers : Explorer 1

Team and Community

They worldwide team members are in a team overview on the website. You can checkup them there.

Where to trade, buy or sell, and distribution

You can trade this crypto currency token on 7 exchanges. The main market is a USDT based market on DragonEx. All important markets are based on USD or USDT. What makes the project price independent on bitcoin pricing.
Tokens are distributed over 14000 addresses, but the address with 44percent of the tokens is an address on Bitfinex. So they are just used for trading and not used as a currency on the platform.

Odem review and anaylysis

From trading point of view, it’s a strong point that the token is traded mainly against US dollar, keeping bitcoin price fluctuations out of the projects valuation.
As Odem is an ETH ERC20 token, you can hold them in any wallet supporting ETH token, even on hardware wallets like Trezor.
The token is intended as a currency. So it does not represent a share in the company behind it.
Running an education platform is great , but using a one purpose cryptocoin seems a little irrelevant. They better used USDT or another stablecoin.
The blockchain is used for registration of graduations reached on the platform.
When it comes to investing in a token consider what is he upward potential and what is the downward potential. If the platform is not successful, and unplugged, the token ends up worthless. But if it is a success, what would it add to the value of the token ? We are afraid that the answer here is : Not much. So only use the token if you want to use it to some course or education as platform user.

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