Description for Nexo:

Nexo is a token on the ethereum blockchain representing rights to get an part of the earnings from the Nexo platform. This company is a subsidiary of Credissimo , a loan company. At Nexo you can take a loan with your cryptocoins as collateral. As you deposit something of value, the loan is given out very fast without verification of your ability to pay back the loan and interest. Because everything can always be paid back from the coins you deposit before you can take out the loan. This can be a good option if you don’t want so sell your bitcoin, but still need some money for a while. At the other site, if you deposit euro, UK pounds or dollars, you can earn a good interest on your money. Nexo pays 8 % on these currencies. The interest is paid daily and you can withdraw your money any time.

For token holders

The token holders of Nexo tokens get 30% of the profit after tax , the other 70% is reinvest in the company creating growth over time. You need to hold this tokens on the Nexo platform to qualify for dividends.

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Technical information
This token is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Review on Nexo

It is pretty hard to find much more information on this project other then what the website is telling us. There are a few posts to find about the dividends that have been paid so far in December 2018 and August 2019. The dividend had a value of around 12% on year basis, based on the price at the time of the dividend.
I have tested deposits and withdraws for USDT and Euro. Euro was send and withdrawn by bank. And it worked fine for me, I will for sure update the information on dividends , as soon as i get them.

Nexo dividend history for token holders

The dividend history of the token

Ex dividend datePayment dateBase dividendLoyalty dividend per tokenTotal paid in dividends
5 august 201915 august 2019US$ 0,0033288US$ 0,00332882409574 US$
5 december 201815 december 2018US$ 0,00243none912071 US$

Notes on dividend

To receive dividend you should hold the tokens on the projects platform.

Half of the total dividend is distributed over all token holders, the other half is distributed over the long term token holders for their loyalty.

Last update of this page : 31-12-2019