Neoworld Cash

Neoworld Cash (NASH) cryptocurrency

Neoworld cash is an Ethereum token that is used in the Neoworld game as a currency. Usually the coin is called NASH in the game and on the website.

The game reminds me of a virtual world 100 years ago called “second life”.

Virtual worlds are nice places to interact with other players, and playing a game of building an empire at the same time. It is a game about owning all kind of businesses , land and buildings.

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What we know from the explorer and where to trade

In the genesis block 100 billion tokens have been created. Neoworld coins are distributed over 3400 addresses so far. Around 83% of the coins are distributed over the top 10 addresses. This is not necessary a problem as there is a working game where the coin is used. It is only a problem when these coins are only used for trading. And then are dumped for the big coins.

You can buy and sell the token at three exchanges sofar Cointiger, DragonEx and BithumbGlobal.

Neoworld cash review

I like games , special the ones with buildings and economic models in it. So I decided to install the game to see how much fun it is , and maybe I would like to play it for a while or forever.

Download was fast and installation went fast, but then I had to register to play the game. Here it ended for me because I need an invitation to join. Too bad I would have loved to play the game. Because what is better then combine two things I love, playing games and cryptocurrencies.

From investment perspective it might not be the most interesting coin with only one use case. From gaming perspective it might be a fun to play the game and have some coin.

The game was launched in the first quarter of 2018 and is still well maintained and get frequent updates.

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