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Monetary Unit (MUE) is a cryptocurrency started in 2014 as a mine-able coin. Later on it Proof of Work was changed to Proof of Stake, and it was not possible any longer to earn coins by mining. In 2017 masternodes were introduced on this blockchain. The purpose of Monetary Unit is to be a fast and border-less currency ,for generic purpose.

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Technical information

This blockchain is running on Proof of stake and Masternodes. So it is not longer possible to mine these coins.
Masternodes run on 500000 coins collateral. Earnings in coins are around 35% a year. But this number depends on the number of masternodes. For the actual returns you can check the MUEtv website , mentioned by the relevant links below.

What you also should know about MUE

In 2018 the MUE team bought the company This is a United Kingdom based webshop, where you can literally buy anything you need. Flubit does of course accept Monetary Units as payment. It even gives a rebate of 20% on the normal price when you pay with MUE. The shop also has a loyalty program where all customers get points. These points are in fact Monetary Units.

How to get some of these coins

The main exchange for this cryptocurrency is Bittrex, but besides this main exchange there are around 8 other ways to buy them. You can check the options here. Some of them like Bittylicious even offer options to buy and sell by bank and creditcard. Markets on exchanges mainly run in Bitcoin tradingpairs.

Distribution of coins

The coins on this blockchain are distributed over 45000 addresses and this number is still growing.

Team and Community

Monetary Unit budgets

There are two budgets for MUE. The first one from the official team. This budget is funded by superblocks that are created on chain every two weeks,they are approved by the masternode holders. You can make proposal to get a part of this budget for any good idea in benefit of coin.

The second budget comes from fans running a fan website this currency and get its funds from donations. Here you can ask for donation for things you do also of course in benefit of MUE development or marketing.

Monetary Unit review

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