Mochimo cryptocurrency

This cryptocurrency is created to solve some of the weak technical point of bitcoin. For the long term the coin is quantum proof. Suggesting quantum computing will break Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Distribution by mining with GPU’s makes it easy for everyone with a computer to get some coins.
The project launched in 2018.
The team have created the code , they did not just fork it from another coin.
Official website:
Explorer :

The team and community

The core team for this coin has seven members. Their names and background profiles can be found on the projects website. So these people are not anonymous.
Mochimo has a good and active community on discord.

Technical and mining information

Mochimo is a minable coin. And can be mined with CPU and GPU’s . Advantages of FPGA miners are suppressed in the code. ASIC miners for this algo don’t exist. The reward per block is 5 MCM coins. It will take 22 years till all block are found.
As normal blockchain grow with every new block created , they can become very big after a few years. For this crypto currency there is made a solution to prevent this it is called Chaincrunch. It is compressing the full chain to a few GB, instead of let grow into TeraBytes.

Distribution and exchanges

Mochimo review

A premine of 4 percent of all coins was done in the first block. These coins are in the hands of the team with some limitations on when and how much the team members might sell the coin. And some parts are reserved for promotional actions. This seems to be reasonable.
We want to see how the wallet functions on windows. Wallet links are forwarding to github. We downloaded the zip file there, but it only contains an MD type file. And nothing we could install or start. Looks like the project is not very friendly to Windows users.
Mochimo seems to be a serious long term project , mainly interesting for miners. We have not found a use case for the coin.
A very strong point is that the code was all written by the team. Not a copy , clone or fork from another coin.
Chaincrunch is a very interesting tech feature unique for this coin.

Last Update of this page 8-11-2019