MMOcoin general information

MMOcoin is cryptocurrency for a MMO market place. We were triggered to look at coin because it has a high volume on Altilly exchange in a trading pair with Qredit.
One of the features of this cryptocurrency is tiered staking , where you get a higher percentage when you are staking more coin.
This coin is backed someway by a gamers community on the MMOpro forum.
MMOcoin can be mined on the scrypt algorithm.
Official Website :
Explorers : Explorer
Miningpool :

Team and Community

The team does not identify themselves at the website.
The community is part of users of the MMOpro forum, a gamers forum with 250.000 users

Where to trade, buy or sell, and distribution

You can buy or sell MMOcoin at couple of exchanges, in marketpairs with USDT, BTC and XQR. Most relevant are crex24, graviex and Atilly.
When we checked the explorer , the rich list was not functional , so we can not say anything about distribution.

Review and analysis

The marketplace for in-game money is a good use case. Targeting the game market and having all main game credits for sale is for sure very interesting.
The blockchain is running stable on Proof of stake. The maximum stake reward is 10% per annum. What isn’t to high.


We think MMOcoin is a well-managed and maintained cryptocurrency. It has a good use case but the upward potential in value is limited.

Gaming is fun and a lot of money goes around there, but it is not the real world use case we need to buy a bread, or even a car. And competition for the shop is around already with general shops selling the same products accepting other cryptocoins.

The market cap of 250k USD for the total blockchain seems fair.

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Last update of this page : 20-1-2020