What is Machinecoin

Machine is a cryptocurrency project started in January 2014. Design and layout are connected with steampunk. In the begin of 2018 masternodes where implemented on this blockchain. It is running now on Proof of Work in combination with masternodes. The coin has its own algorithm , Time Travel. Miners earn 45% , masternodes earn 45% and the team earn 10% of coins generated in new blocks.

Official website link :

The team
The members of the team are known and not afraid to show their real names. But the team is small, after one member passed away, only two people are left , Nico and Jeff. It is not much for coin team considering a coin needs tech developers and business developers or marketeers.

Where to trade

The two main exchanges for this coin were and Cryptopia. Too bad these crypto exchanges are gone now. By now there is no serious market to trade this coin.

Review for Machinecoin

Machinecoin has a small group of supporters. This small community is very quiet and most likely to small to be able to push this coin forward to the next decade.

For a long time Machinecoin was always one of the first to have good working new wallets based on new bitcoin wallet code.

We have found no use case , and no serious exchange where this cryptocurrency can be traded.

The last update of the wallets on the github ( developers environment ) or this currency was more then a year ago. Looks like it is no longer maintained or further developped.

You can join their discord and when you have technical problems with this coin. The people will try to help you. Friendly as they are.
We think there is no future for small projects like Machinecoin.

If you like masternodes, consider the Blue chip Dash, a midcap coin like MUE, or a small cap like Galilel.

Last update of this page : 26-10-2019

Disclaimer : We don’t hold any coins of this project. For every trade , investment or sell, always do your own research.