Kava crypto token general information

Kava is a token on the Binance blockchain. It was introduced to the customers of the exchange by an airdrop and lottery. This distribution made us curious about the project. That is why we are doing a review, and see what information we can find about it.

The product will be a platform where you can trade cryptocurrencies with leverage. Starting with a few big coins.

Official Website : https://www.kava.io/
Explorers : Binace Dex explorer for Kava

Team and Community

The team is formed by six people , with a serious background in cryptocurrencies. Their names and pictures are on the website. You can find them in Telegram or follow the team on Twitter.

Exchanges and distribution

Kava got its listing on Binance with an airdrop / lottery for the Binance customers. Most holders outside the team have their tokens on the exchange. There are only 101 addresses holding this token on their own address.

Top 7 addresses hold 95% of all tokens, this includes exchanges. So most likely distribution is higher with the people who never moved the tokens from the exchange, just holding them on the exchange.

Two other exchanges have listed the token as well, but so far without any serious trade volume.

Review for KAVA

The website is not very informative , but what we read between the lines. You can leverage your holding of crypto assets. So you give your coins to them , and get a loan on it to buy more coins.

In our opinion, trading or holding high risk financial product with leverage is always a bad a idea. We don’t like any investment with leverage. Companies offering it, use the greed of their customers. The customers mostly end up financial broken.

Currently there are around 1000 exchanges worldwide. Many of them offering to trade with leverage. All competing for the customers and the bitcoins. It does not make this project something special. Maybe they even very late on the scene.

We will not buy , sell or trade Kava. If you don’t like the product of a company , don’t buy the tokens of the company.

Last update of this page : 3-12-2019