Jewel (JWL) cryptocurrency general information

Jewel is a token on the Ethereum blockchain , with the purpose of acting as a currency. The second part of the project is have an exchange for jewels, mainly diamonds that can be traded with the this cryptocoin.

The project was announced as a pre ICO (initial coin offering) on bitcointalk forum in October 2018.

The project is connected to an app With this app you can buy crypto with your creditcard and they have a financial license in Estland.

Official Website :
Explorers : Explorer 1

Team and Community

The team or people behind the project do not present themselves at the website. The website only shows a limited company address in Tallinn , Estland.

Where to trade, buy or sell, and distribution

There are six places where this token is listed .The exchanges where you can trade this coin are not the ones with a good reputation.
The token is distributed over 389 addresses, what is way to low for a token to act as serious currency.

Jewel review, analysis and outlook

The side project jewel finance looks good, but we did not test or use it. We even don’t know if the Jewel token can benefit from this side project.

Having an exchange is not enough anymore to maintain value as there is to much competition in exchanges.

Diamonds and jewels for sure have some value. But Joe Average has no idea what is a fair value. The diamonds market is not a free open market. The stones found in mines are the natural ones and very valuable. But diamonds can be made artificial. These artificial stones have less imperfections then a natural stone, but are less valuable. Only experts see or test a diamond to know if its natural or artificial. That in itself is a reason to stay away for these beautiful stones as investment.

Distribution for the Jewel token to act as a currency is way to low. The low distribution might be a reason that it is keeping some value on exchanges.

Our expectations for this coin are : negative

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