HonkHonk cryptocoin token

This coin is in the first place a joke about cryptocurrencies. It is made with the Simpleledger protocol, and runs on the BitcoinCash blockchain. It is very simple token just made to give away and make fun with it. It has no other serious intention. The token shows how simple it is to make a coin with simpleledger. Even you can do it !
Website : https://honkhonk.io/

Trading and exchanges

HonkHonk con can be bought and sold on Altilly Exchange. But keep in mind it is not made to be coin of any value.

Review HonkHonk token

This is a kind of token you should not take serious, but just have some fun with it. If you visit the official website you can get some tokens for free every four hours. If you don’t want to use a wallet special for this purpose, you can use your address for HonkHonk on Altilly.

Don’t expect anything serious from this coin.