Harmony Cryptocurrency

Harmony (ONE) is token on the Binance blockchain. The ideas of the project is to create an infrastructure that’s good to serve 10 billion people. The open source nature will make it possible for anyone to build games , marketplaces and other things they like on top of this infrastructure.

Official website : https://harmony.one/
Explorer : Explorer 1

Team and Community

The team has twelve core members. Most of them with a technical background. And there are a lot of people supporting the project.

Distribution and exchanges

The coins are distributed over 4500 addresses , but 97% of all token are on the 10 most rich addresses. There are existing 12.6 billion tokens according the block explorer.
Harmony can be traded at around 10 exchanges in different pairs with bitcoin, USDT and Ethereum. Most volume in trading is made on Binance for combinated markets.

Harmony Token Review

According the roadmap the main net of Harmony should be launched already, but it is still a binance token. What we found as ideas on the website, there is nothing that makes this project special.

Number of coins is very high , most of them in only few hands. This makes the coin market cap of 14 million US dollar not realistic at all.

The project has a forum, but its not a very active place. There can be weeks between two posts.

Expecting that developers will build all kind of apps on your blockchain / platform is not relevant, unless you pay them to do it. Wonder if the project has more to offer then token they created.

The website shows a number of “big” investors names. Suggesting the project has enough capital to build the main net and apps.

There is no life use case for this cryptocurrency.

Our outlook for Harmony is : Negative

Last update of this page : 14-11-2019