Gulden cryptocurrency story

Gulden (NLG) is a cryptocurrency with a team and userbase mostly residing in the Netherlands. The name of this project is equal to the currency of the Netherlands before the swap to Euro. The project started in 2014, so it is five years old now.

Official website :
Explorer : Explorer 1

Technical information :

Gulden is a minable coin from the beginning. And can still be mined on the script algorithm. Script is mined with ASIC miners. So mining with a home computer is not an option. Script is the same algorithm used for Litecoin

Team and community

Team leader is Rijk Plasman from the Netherlands. The teams main developer resides in South Africa. You can find the community in slack and telegram channels. The community is active and supportive to the project.

Exchanges and distribution

The main market for NLG is Bittrex , with a NLG/BTC trading pair. The company Nocks is offering fiat to Gulden exchanges, and provides merchants with tools to swap received coins directly to fiat that is send to IBAN bank accounts.
According the explorer total coins are distributed over 136000 addresses. This is a pretty good distribution for a small crypto currency.

Gulden Review

Nocks is a company providing fiat to Gulden transfers, and visa versa.
There is Bittrex listing for many years. And the crypto currency is tradeable on Litebit for fiat currencies. Litebit accepts many internet payment options that are often used in EU countries.
Using a name of an old country specific currency, and having a community mainly in the same country does reduce the chance for the worldwide adoption.
The cryptocurrency has an own implementation for 1 confirmation transactions with a product they call witness. Something that makes the coin unique in tech.
There are around 100 merchants accepting Gulden.

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