Description for Gossipcoin cryptocurrency

Gossipcoin is a microcoin founded in 2018. The projects was dropped by the first dev, then taken over by another dev team. Coins on the old chain were swapped to a new one. Later on they also swapped coins and community from another project dropped in. They swapped Venox for Gossipcoins. The people who kept Venox alive then joined the Gossip team. Old Venox coins from the swap have been burned ( send to a non existing address).
Official project link: Gossipcoin.net

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Social Media

You can find news of this cryptocurrency on Twitter
Technical information
The coin is running on the Quark algo , with a blocktime of 90 seconds.
Where to trade
This coin can be traded at Crex24,Graviex and Birake cryptocoin exchanges. Where Crex and Graviex are the preferred ones.

Review on Gossipcoin

We have some of these coins a longer time already. But we would never give a positive advice on this cryptocurrency. The swap time from venox to gossip was very short as the swap period was only a couple of weeks. People that showed up with coins after that time were to late. So far so good. But when i was watching that someone with old coins showed up, the developer said to the owner of the venox coins : send them to the burn address. The owner did like he was said to do. Then he ask: what now? The dev answered. You have burned your coins, but you are to late, you get no new coins. As the old coins nearly had any value, the coin owner just left angry. This acting of the dev is so unprofessional, that it will be a shame on him and his project for ever. Special in an environment where so much is depending on trust.

Last update of this page : 10-10-2019