FTX token

FTX token general information

FTX token is a token of FTX.com crypto derivates exchange website. Users of the exchange get lower fees when they use the token to pay for the fees.

This token is known on exchanges with the abbreviation FTT.

Official Website : https://ftx.com
Explorers : Explorer 1

Team and Community

Where to trade, buy or sell, and distribution

FTX token can be traded at Binance and few other exchanges. Only 345 addresses are holding tokens. Nearly half of the tokens on one address most likely the creators of the project. Many other other top addresses are addresses from exchanges, like Binance and Huobi.

Reviewfor the FTX project and token

When we looked at the website of the project, the derivates exchange, the first options showing up are options on the outcome of the US elections. You can bet on Trump, Bernie , Bloomberg and Pete. Did I say “bet” ? Yes I did, this is not something serious for a derivates exchange, it is just gambling.

What we have seen so far is a website with the smell of finance and cryptocurrency, but in fact it is just a gambling website. Personally I don’t like the product, so I also don’t want to own these tokens.

Gambling this way is a small niche in the gambling world. It is often represented as investing to people who don’t understand how it works. And the house always wins. And you a permanent stream of new gamblers.

The valuation for the FTX.com is around 250 million US dollar for all the tokens together , what seems way to much. Its looks like it the price is artificial kept high.

Besides all previous marks, consider there are more then 1000 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide now. Does this one add some real value that makes it a long term survivor ?

If you want to own tokens or coins that are so close related to a tradingplatform we think you better get some BinanceCoin.

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