Effmining cryptocurrency

The project Effmining was announced in November 2018. It is a token created for miners, to optimize mining earnings with GPU’s. Special of interest for solo miners. That is in short, what was posted on the bitcointalk forum as announcement.
Official website : gone / never made
Explorer : unknown
Forum announcement on Bitcointalk

Team and community

The developer is unknown. The community , if there is one, is on Telegram.
Exchange : There is one exchange that has listed Effmining : Yobit. They had a listing at coinexchange as well before that exchange was closed. A cryptocurrency , coin or token only listed at Yobit might have e serious problem as Yobit is known for the many coins you can trade there, but you are not able to deposit or withdraw coins from the site. The wallets are locked. Some of them are locked for 3 or 4 years already.

EffMining review :

This EffMining seems to be a project that has not reached a further state then the announcement. No software or explanation is released there.
Mining is not profitable in most parts of the world . That is something to keep in mind.
Good thing in GPU mining it is accessible for many people worldwide to get some coins with out buying them. Well at least not buying them for cash, miners still have to pay the electricity bill. But if you consider that al energy used comes in your house . You can also say mining is the heating of your house . Maybe it is just in part, but it still makes sense.
The official website is gone, the person who started the topic on the bitcointalk forum does not post in the Effmining threat anymore. The discussion on the topic ended mainly in January 2019.
This project seems to be abandoned.

Last update of this page 4-11-2019

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