DeonCash was recently listed at Altilly exchange. The project won with the most votes to be listed from a pool of four cryptocoin projects competing for a listing. That is the reason i want to know more about this coin and I share what I have found in this writing.

This coin is a token on the Tron blockchain. It is created as a TRC10 token. So the project does not run it own chain.

Team and Community

No team found representing themselves at the website.

Where to trade

You can trade DeonCash at Altilly Exchange.

Social Media for Deoncash

I found a discord channel for Deon .

Review for DeonCash

When i joined the discord, the group had twelve members. One one person has said something in a language i could not read. I think it is spanish or portuguese . There is no english version available( at this moment).

The website exists of only one page , without much information.

I think it is a personal hobby project of someone. Not much to see there.