Dent cryptocurrency general information

Dent is a token on the Ethereum blockchain. The idea is to be disruptor on the telecom market worldwide. There is an app with a market to trade mobile data packages and DENT tokens against bitcoin and Ethereum.

Official Website :
Explorers : Explorer 1 , Explorer 2

Team and Community

The founder and CEO of the Dent project is Tero Katajainen. There are 5 more members in the team represented on btc forums that also have a back ground in tele communication.

Where to trade, buy or sell, and distribution

On the contract there are 100 billion tokens. At least twenty-five percent are holded in the wallets of Binance , so they are on an exchange. One other account is holding nearly the same amount of coins. Some other exchange accounts show up as main holders. In total coins are distributed over around 28 thousand addresses.

Binance is the main exchange to buy or sell Dent crypto token.

Dent review and analysis in short

The market value of the project comes from the extreme high number of tokens. Even when the token is traded at the low price of 2 satoshis.
The history of the project value is kind of amazing, on 7 januari 2018 the valuation was 1,1 billion US dollar, these days the total token value is around 12 million, nearly a drop of ninety-nine percent.

It is presented as a security feature, but the trading part / exchange of the project requires Know Your Customer information. What is in fact not a security feature but a breach to privacy. ( with the risk your full identity including prove documents falling in the wrong hands. )

It looks like the project is delivering a real products. We have not even tried to test it. Making a combination of a traditional market , the telecom market with a lot of dominant players with a small project in the crypto world may succeed but it is not going the be something big. Well, this is our upinion. And we don’t like the extreme high number of coins existing , and the huge number of them on exchanges.

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