What is Dash

The name of Dash is coming from two words, Digital and Cash, combining them together you get Dash. This cryptocurrency is one of the bigger coins around. It was the first project that created masternodes in their network for fast transactions and security . The coin can be mined on the X11 algorithm.

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What you also should know about Dash

The Dash network is designed to fund its own development, ensuring the network is sustainable and continuously improving for its users. The network accomplishes this by allocating a portion of the newly minted coins toward a monthly budget. The network’s operators vote on how to best allocate the available funding toward projects that benefit the network.

Team and Community

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How to get some of these coins

You can get this cryptocoin at nearly every exchange. It is a long running project. And there have been many miners in the past, who could get coins with not to expensive mining equipment.
Another way to get this coins for cash is to find a bitcoin ATM in your neighbourhood, as there are many of these machines that also support dash and litecoin.

Running a masternode

As mentioned before, this is a masternode coin. The team has invented the masternodes idea. With a masternode you keep an wallet online 24/7 ( usually you use a virtual private server. To make this wallet a masternode you make connection with an exact amount of 1000 coins that you keep in your local wallet (on your own computer). By doing this you start earning masternode rewards. At the moment you can expect a return of around 6% per annum in new coins from the node.

Distribution of coins

The coins on this blockchain are distributed over 1108000 addresses and this number is still growing.

Relevant sites

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Last update of this page : 7-10-2019