Cryptoguesser token

Cryptoguesser (CGT) is a token on the Qredit blockchain.
The token has been distributed on Altilly exchange by an airdrop to their users.

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Exchanges and trading

CGT token can be traded on Altilly as they support trading of XQR tokens. You can even create your own tokens with the tools on the Altilly website. The market pair is CGT/XQR.

Community and distribution

What you see at most airdrops at exchanges is that the dropped tokens are mostly sold immediately for bitcoins. People are hunting for bitcoins for free. But selling for btc is not possible here, you can only sell them for Qredit. This token is not widely distributed , and most small user will have the token on the exchange. Distribution is not an real relevant point here.

There is no a specific community for Cryptoguesser. The community is the userbase of altilly and Qredit. Projects like this strengthen that community, its more of value for the blockchain it is build on then that it has value in itself.

Review on cryptoguesser token :

The project operates a small website where you can try to win the pot of coins by guessing the last two digits of new block in the future. These last to digits can have a total of 256 possible values. So your chance to win is one out of two hundred and fifty six. The main currencies supported are XQR and CGT.

I see it mainly as an example of a small project that is using the XQR blockchain. It proofs the tokens on this chain work well.

The token should not be considered an investment, you should see it as something to play and have fun. That is even what the creator says on the about page , he is just coding it for fun, because he likes coding and the XQR blockchain.

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