General information on Crown cryptocurrency

Crown is a cryptocurrency started in 2014 as a coin you could mine. In 2018 this was changed to masternodes and Proof of Stake. Some small specials on this blockchain are the system nodes acting as hosting for apps connecting to the chain.

Official website :
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Team and Community

The website shows 14 people working in the team for this crypto coin. Some of them might not be active anymore. The community is not very big but has some very active supporters for the project.

Technical information

Crown has two types of masternodes implemented, the masternode and the systemnode. The masternode requires 10000 coins, where the systemnode requires only 500 coins as collateral.

The difference between the two nodes the masternode can vote for the budget spending, the systemnodes are used as a kind of hosting for applications in the blockchain network.

Exchanges and distribution

Crown can be traded at many exchanges of which Bittrex is the most relevant exchange. Half of the top 20 addresses in holding are on Bittrex. The distribution over 19000 addresses is good.

There are some fiat to crypto websites ( offering CRW to buy and sell these coin directly for fiat currencies.

Crown coin review

When crown released its own version of Proof of Stake , the team has solved the known vulnerabilities for PoS cryptocurrencies.

The masternode currently has an income of $6 a month and can be operated profitable. Returns in coin on the 10000 coin you need for a masternode, are around 16% a year.

The distribution over 19000 addresses is good, but not impressive for a 5 year old coin. Too many coins are holded on an exchange.

Crown can be used with coinpayments , the cryptocurrency payments processor. This makes it easy for web shops to implement acceptation of the coin as payment for anything sold.

The governance budgets are implemented in the chain, giving masternodes the option to for about the proposals made. Having this budget is good for the development of the project.

In a bull market when all cryptos do well, Crown will also grow in value. But with a value of the full chain of around 1 million dollar now, its not a coin that will multiple 100 times in value.

Being listed on a quality exchange like Bittrex is a strong point.

Valuation is fair, the outlook for Crown is neutral.

Last update of this page : 15-11-2019