Crespo cryptocurrency token description and information

Crespo (CSO) is a token on the Ethereum blockchain. The project will run an exchange where customers can copy trades from other traders. This exchange is planned to launch on 3 march 2020.

Besides the exchange part , it should be possible to earn stake rewards in the platform.

The token was created on 6 march 2019. The launch of the product was first planned for April 2019.

Official website :
Explorers : Etherscan explorer

Team and community

You can chat with the community and team on Telegram. And you can follow them on twitter. (the project has 50 followers). There are no people identified who run this project. Not even how many people are involved.

Trading and distribution

Crespo token is distributed over only 53 addresses.
The Crespo token can be traded at 3 small exchanges. Crex24 might be the most serious one.

Crespo review

Wide distribution of the token is not as relevant for a project like this, as it is for a currency coin or token. Crespo token is created for the project they will launch in 2020 now according their website. The team will run a crypto assets exchange. Or in short a coinexchange. There are already more than 1000 exchanges, and many of them go down after a while.

When we look at Crespo we see a website , an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and a plan to run an exchange. But the launch of the product is already delayed by a year.

We don’t see a reason to put our investment money in this tokens. It can be a token that’s just created to be sold and the people behind it run away with the bitcoins or ETH they earned with the sale.

This page is last updated on : 2-12-2019

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