COTI cryptocurrency

We are triggered to look at COTI cryptocurrency by the community voting for this coin on Binance. User of Binance can vote for this coin in a competition with VITE. The one with the most votes gets a listing at the exchange.

The project started in 2018. Coti is mainly intended as a coin to make payments, like Bitcoin. So they compare themselves with bitcoin being a faster payment solution.

The team has build a payment processor tool for bitcoin. A product like Coinpayments, according their news posts on forums.

Official Website : <
Explorers : Explorer 1

Team and Community

The team has 19 members in different disciplines of knowledge and background. The CEO has a background in marketing.

All social media are maintained for the project. You can follow them on twitter and facebook. And red their articles on medium. Two chats are available on discord and telegram.

Where to buy, sell and trade on exchanges

You can trade this coin at Kucoin , Bithumb and Bitmax. And when they win the community voting at Binance , you can also trade them there against bitcoin , binancecoin and USDT.

The total amount of coins is 2 billion, of which 180 million are in circulation now.

Review and analysis of COTI

The explorer does not tell us anything about distribution of the coins over addresses.

When we follow the link on the website to see what wallets there are, we are come on a page with a webwallet. Having a webwallet as the standard , and not a normal wallet where you own the private keys is a big red flag for the project.

Most coins are pre-mined and are or will be sold to investors. But we have not found serious information about it. Binance will airdrop 28 million coins when COTI gets chosen by the community and gets listings there.

With a current value of 2 million dollar for the full chain the project might be overvalued, as we don’t see anything that makes the cryptocurrency special. But keep in mind, always do your OWN research.

Last update of this page 10-12-2019