Bitradio description

Bitradio is a small blockchain project that is running a streaming service. Users of this service earn small amounts of this cryptocurrency. You can listen to your favorite music or radio station with this service and earn some cryptocoins at the same time. Every hour 120 Bitradio coins are distributed over the users.
The project is running since 2014.

Official website :
Explorer :


Everyone who has earned or bought 2500 coin , can run a masternode on this blockchain.

Team and community

The team comes from Nurnberg, Germany. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Exchanges :

This cryptocurrency can be traded at Crex24. And that’s the only exchange we found for Bitradio.

Bitradio Review

At the moment of writing there are 171739 addresses holding coins. This is a lot for a blockchain that is valued at $77000 at the moment. The negative point here is: there are 5 million of the total 13 million coins on 1 address. We have to find out later who has these coins (most likely the team) and what they will use them for.

The project has no chat channel on discord or telegram , but they do have an own forum .

There is a side project besides radio , where you can watch videos as well.

This cryptocurrency should be considered a micro-cap coin. And nothing we have seen will change that in the near future , in our opinion.

What it might be good for, if you are new to masternodes, to buy the required cryptocoins on an exchange and setup a masternode. Or earn the coins first using their platform to listen to your favorite music . But that might take a while before you have enough coins. Doing some study on how masternodes work can best be done with cheap stable coin / blockchain like bitradio. Later on you can think about getting a masternode with Monetary Unit or Dash.

Last update of this review : 2-11-2019